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The team is composed by master and undergraduate students led by Dr. Luciana Zaina.


The team has been working in partnership with Dr. Alexandre Álvaro, Dr. Fábio Verdi and Dr. Tiemi Sakata, who belong to LERIS and acts in the field of Innovation and Software Engineering, Computer Networks and Informatics in Education respectively.

Currently Team:

Former Students:

  • Anderson Amaral
  • André Luiz Bonfatti
  • Cauê Moresi
  • Danilo Camargo Bueno
  • Daniela Beraldo
  • Diego Quintale
  • Eline Welter
  • Gabriel Cruz
  • Gabriel de Paula
  • Guilherme Baldo
  • Guilherme Góis
  • Guilherme Torres
  • Ian Costa
  • Joelma Choma
  • Lucas Mandotti
  • Marcel Popolin
  • Marcello Acar
  • Monique Ribeiro
  • Renan Lordello
  • Ricardo Leme
  • Ricardo Schefer